Posted by Julien DUMEZ
March 31, 2021

Insoft Infotel Software GmbH Partners with SysperTec Communication

Work from anywhere laptop open productivityThe SysperTec and Insoft Infotel partnership offers organizations best-in-class technology and expertise needed to address mainframe modernization challenges.

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DUSSELDORF, March 24, 2021 -- Insoft Infotel Software GmbH, a leading provider of data performance and optimization solutions for the Mainframe z/OS platform, announced its partnership with SysperTec Communication, experts in communication solutions that bridge IBM mainframes with web IT.

Together, Insoft Infotel and SysperTec will help organizations modernize their mainframe systems while offering secure z/OS-to HTML on the fly transcription. Via easily-implemented 3270 terminal emulation, SysperTec’s software, Virtel Web Suite enables mainframers to:

• display legacy application interfaces as modern and user-friendly web pages
• access mainframe apps via any web browser
• facilitate communication between the mainframe and web / mobile apps.

The coronavirus pandemic and massive surge in work from home have resulted in putting tremendous pressure on the IT Services teams of large organizations that need to meet SLAs for mission-critical applications. As the global workforce continues to rely on laptops, smartphones, and tablets to stay productive in and out of the office and with remote work set to continue even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat according to Gartner, the demands for secure remote access to business-critical applications are higher than ever. By combining light, two-tier web-enablement technology with the power and scalability of the mainframe, Virtel enables users to securely access their 3270 applications, from the office, home office or while traveling.

“Rather than embarking on big bang innovation at unnecessary risk and cost, organizations need to make the most of their existing IT investments to bring business continuity and value to customers,” said Insoft Infotel Managing Director Jean-François Castella. “Over the last 50 years, Big Iron has proven its capacity to modernize and adapt through disruptionfrom one decade to the next, and we are delighted to partner with SysperTec to bring our mainframe customers the most modern, secure and simple way to access the information they need.”

Terminal emulation enables tens of thousands of users to connect to business systems simultaneously, and with working-from-home becoming the norm, it is critical that users have a lightweight solution to access their apps and data, anytime, anywhere. In contrast to current client- or server-based 3270 terminal emulation products, Virtel’s two-tier architecture strengthens security and simplifies deployment and support. With a very limited footprint and without additional servers, the sole component that needs to be installed or configured is directly on the mainframe. On the client side, the only requirement is a standard web browser.

“Mainframes continue to be the most trusted and secure systems in the world” said Guillaume Gentil, SysperTec Managing Director. “Yet to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital economy, organizations must rethink how to extend the value of their mainframe applications by providing secure access to all stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization. “We are excited to partner with Insoft Infotel,” added Guillaume Gentil, “Insoft Infotel’s technical mainframe expertise and support capabilities, coupled with Virtel Web Suite make our partnership a clear win for customers in central and northern Europe.”

With one underlying technology, Virtel Web Suite combines three modern solutions - Virtel Web Access, Virtel Web Modernization and Virtel Web Integration. Compatible with VDI and BYOD initiatives, Virtel represents a high-value, low-risk and cost-effective alternative to legacy modernization approaches such as redeveloping, replacing or re-hosting.




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