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February 15, 2022

The Growing Tension of Business vs IT During Covid-19 and How SysperTec Bridged the Gap

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As we embark on year three of the pandemic, digital transformation and IT modernization have a new catalyst – the seemingly permanent hybrid workforce. Of the many marks the coronavirus pandemic has left on global business, work-from-home, at least on a part-time basis, isn’t going away, changing the way global business runs and, in turn, the way managers run their businesses. IT leaders continue to scramble like never before to deploy new technologies that provide all the tools remote workers need to support their customers and business operations.

In its recent report, “IT’s Changing Mandate in an Age of Disruption,” the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed more than 1,000 IT and Business decision-makers in regulated industries about the challenges of bringing siloed and sprawling teams together to meet customer demand. High on executives’ to-do lists is providing a seamless end-user experience (EUX) across home office and business office locations. As an example to help create this experience, Capital One’s CEO created a home/work environment that saw employees working from home on Mondays and Fridays and working at company offices Tuesday through Thursday. The plan included “creating a portfolio of tools that is just as flexible and efficient at home as it is in the office, so that location isn’t relevant at all to employees being as productive and effective as possible.”

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The Economist’s survey found that IT is under the gun to deliver like never before, with 83% of respondents reporting that their organizations have underperforming IT infrastructure and applications to support remote work for their employees. Better technology is needed, yet, on average, surveyed organizations reported a backlog of 3-12 months for IT projects, while IT budgets continue to shrink. Additionally, IT teams are losing control over IT purchasing decisions to business units, increasing the tension in an already tenuous relationship.

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How SysperTec Alleviated Pain for IT, and In Turn the Business

At SysperTec, we make it our business to break the Business vs. IT tension with solutions that pay for themselves in a matter of months. In our most recent customer success story, our client AG2R, a large financial asset management company, found budget where there wasn’t any and convinced the business unit to purchase our TN3270 emulator solution Virtel Web Access because of its value.

Virtel Web Access TN3270 emulator is browser-based and satisfies the at-work/at-home EUX needed for today’s remote workforce. Because it’s not browser-specific – competing solutions often require the nearly end-of-support Internet Explorer architecture – employees can use their browser of choice and avoid the disruption of using a different browser at work versus their preference at home.

Initially, AG2R did a Proof of Concept for just the TN3270 emulator functionality. The installation was quick and involved minimal help from the SysperTec support team. More importantly, AG2R was able to consolidate all of its disparate – and separately vendor-supported – TN3270 emulators into a single solution. But SysperTec didn’t stop there. AG2R also discovered they could eliminate their costly Session Manager with the Virtel product, thereby removing the software license costs for a host of duplicated and unneeded systems. The result was enough savings whereby the business unit found budget for the product and gladly took the IT team’s recommendation to move forward with the purchase.

Today, if you use Virtel at home, you get the same EUX using your 3270 applications you enjoy while working in the office, and your office banks the savings.

Learn more about our AG2R success story by downloading the use case here .

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