Posted by Julien DUMEZ
July 1, 2022

Forget Everything You Know About TN3270 Emulators and Costly Session Managers, Virtel web suite is your answer

Virtel Web Access a 3270 terminal emulator

Virtel Web Access for the mainframe eliminates your unneeded emulator licenses and costly session manager, all delivered through the standard web browser of your choice.

Number three on LinkedIn’s list of 9 Irritating Business Cliches Nobody Wants to Hear Anymore is “Game Changer.” They go on to say, “This phrase is so overused it is employed to describe ANY change when it should be reserved for only significant, ground-breaking developments. (An) alt approach: state what the developments and changes are and explain how they will improve business.”

To call Virtel Web Access a game-changer might be doing it (and you) a disservice. To be clear – it is that, and so much more. Explaining the developments and how they will improve your business is the easy part.

Say Goodbye to Client-Server Based Emulators Requiring Middle-Tier Servers

Gone are the days of heavy, client-based, TN3270 emulators, many of which can only run on the soon-to-be-obsolete Internet Explorer platform. Virtel Web Access is a thin client, browser-based 3270 terminal emulator, serving 3270 screens as HTML javascript pages with 3270 emulation ergonomics to devices straight off the mainframe without middle-tier servers. Deployment is simple and straightforward with nothing installed on client devices - everything resides securely on the mainframe.

Virtel Web Access runs flawlessly on a standard web browser (and yes, we mean any browser) on users’ desktop or device to provide TN3270 access, making maintenance and support issues virtually non-existent. If the internet is up and running, Virtel is up and running.

TN3270 emulator with secure access.

Say Hello to Lower TCO and Significant IT Savings

As IT departments across the globe are asked to do more with less, a true data modernization plan without significant savings is doomed from the start.

And with nearly 75% of all mainframe redevelopment / replacement projects failing[1], Virtel Web Access allows you to keep your mainframe front and center while modernizing the UI and reducing total cost of ownership significantly.

Our thin-client architecture allows you to drastically reduce emulator licenses and eliminate costly session manager software while increasing security and performance. Additionally, in consolidating TN3270 emulators and accompanying redundant support, SysperTec simplifies the solution architecture for mainframe access, freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on bigger issues while reducing support spend.


Learn More – or Better yet – Take Virtel Web Access for a Test Drive

In our series of videos, you’ll find out more about how Virtel Web Access is the most advanced, easy-to-use TN3270 emulator on the market today. To find out how quick and easy it is to install and deploy, take advantage of our Virtel Free Starter Edition (FSE), a full-featured version of Virtel limited to 5 users. It comes with two (2) days free installation and deployment support.

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Learn more about our AG2R success story by downloading the use case here .

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download free 3270 emulator case study

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